A March for Liberty

Project Summary

A March for Liberty┬áis a 15-minute animated short film developed with the purpose of explaining the historical significance of the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route to an audience of fifth-twelfth grade students. This grant-funded project was done in collaboration with W3R-US and the Maryland Veteran’s Museum.

Other than writing the script and the help of some talented voice actors, Boone.Design handled all aspects of this production. This included creative direction, design, animation, audio production (including writing the score) and the editing of a promotional video for the accompanying educational program.


Animated Paintings

To bring new life into old art, it took a combination of Photoshop treatments, After Effects 3D camera movements, depth of field tricks and particle systems.

More Paintings

Character Animation

This project involved designing, rigging and animating 10 unique characters.

Animated Maps

Working in tandem with world-renowned historians, the troop movements during this monumental campaign were carefully retraced and animated in a clean and clear manner.

Full Video